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Hen parties have become very common and they are embracing sophistication with every passing day. Proper planning and budgeting will see to it that one has the best hen party ever.

Why is it called a Hen Party? (Hen Party Definition)

Hen parties are known as bachelorette parties in the United States, and although they are called hen parties or hen nights in the United Kingdom some people know them better in the plural, hens parties. In Canada they are known as stiletto parties.

You may also sometimes hear them being referred to as Bride showers, which sounds kind of classy.

The term Hen is used to reference the social stereotype of women much like the term Stag is used for the groom's equivalent celebration.

The party

The party can be held at home, somewhere like a spa retreat or hotel, or more commonly out on the town. It really depends what the brides feels comfortable with.

Some Hens like to just get the girls round for a drink and a few games. A nice evening at home with close friends may even include a pampering element.

Obviously even if they are at home they can still be as wild or civilised as you choose. It is perfectly OK to be a little rude on your Hen Night as it is usually considered as saying goodbye to debauchery and embracing marriage. You may even plump for a male stripper!

If you do as most Hens do however, you will probably venture out into town for a drink and a giggle. 

Often the party will start at home with a few drinks and some party games, and then, once fully equipped with your sash and tiara, move out into town. This way older and younger members of the group can just come to the party at home leaving the brave to take on the whole evening. 

The products

There are a very large range of hen party products available to help you enjoy your girls big night out, from things to hold to things to wear, some designed to shock and some not.

In the summer months t-shirts, leis, garters and tutus are popular, whereas in autumn and winter why not swap the lei with a nice furry boa and wear your tutu over your jeans.

Accessory-wise funky pink shades will make you look the part in summer, whereas when the nights draw in why not opt for something to light up your evening like a flashing wand, or sparkler? 

The wedding

After all the partying is over, it is now time to concentrate on the big day itself, the wedding. Everything has to be in place. The bride and guests have to be prepared and made ready for the event. Guests got their confetti? Bride have her garter?

If the hen party is the night before, its even more important to have arranged everything well in advance so everyone is stress free.
For those who hold the hen party at home or held it well in advance, it becomes much easier.

The most important thing is that whatever happened during the hen party it is now time for the bride to kiss "singlehood" goodbye and embrace marriage with both hands.

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