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Hen Party Accessories

Lots of products exist to help you celebrate your Hen Party but what's right for you?

What is the main purpose of your Hen Party Accessories?

You want people to know you are on a hen night so they can choose to congratulate the bride to be, or run and hide.

Bright colours and flashing lights are the easiest ways to achieve this goal, with Hen Party Sashes being the most instantly visible of these. Flashing lights can come in the form of a hen party wand or lights added to a veil or tiara.

You want to get yourself in the mood, have a giggle and raise a few smiles.

A little tipple can help get you ready for some fun, especially if you have it from a fun hen night shot glass, or through a funky straw.

Hen party games and dares are a great way to get others in on the fun, and if they resist why not shackle them with some fun Hen Party Handcuffs?

If you are staying at home then decorations will be needed.

Baloons are a great way to decorate your home for your hen night. Both cheap and cheerful in equal measure. As you're stopping at home you'll be able to make a little noise and a little mess without upsetting your local landlord so why not add some hen party poppers and confetti.

Posted: 29-02-2016

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