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Hen Parties for Same Sex Couples

Hen parties for female same sex couples can be some of the most fun to attend as either there are two separate hen parties for all the couple’s friends or they throw a joint hen party.
There are all the options on offer for lesbian couple hen parties as there are for heterosexual hen parties, though, if there is going to be a stripper, it’s unlikely that men will be the ones undressing in front of you.
From spa days, sex toy parties, nights out touring bars, dinner and a show, adventure weekends or a boat ride down the river are all possibilities. However, there are a few things out there that different places offer that are exclusively available for same sex couples and their hen parties.
You can get all sorts of novelty items from rainbow pride feather masks, badges and place cards to novelty shot glasses, but it doesn’t stop there.
As the hen party group for same sex couples could be going to two separate parties, the organiser has to make sure that the hen party they are creating is as original as possible and won’t be the same as the other hen’s.
There are clubs and bars that will cater exclusively to same sex couples and their hen parties which means that you can organise an evening on a mammoth scale when it comes to rainbow bar hopping. Another popular same sex couple hen party idea is the lesbian cruise, there are a handful of cruise liners that exclusively cater to same sex couples and any good travel agent, LGBT or not, that will be able to help you book one. Finally there is the American teenage classic, the slumber party. For those who prefer to enjoy their hen party on a much more casual scale you can watch movies, play games, enjoy a few drinks and have an evening dedicated to spending a lot of time with your friends.

Posted: 27-03-2015

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