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Welcome to Pink Hen Party; your one stop shop for hen party products, hen party tips and hen party information.

Based in West Yorkshire, we have used our passion for parties and experience in hen parties to create an online store specialising in hen party products; and though pink is the colour in question, we cater for all colours, themes and styles of party!

We understand that brides-to-be and planning bridesmaids are only after the best accessories for their party and therefore we ensure we only source products that are the highest of quality. We do this by welcoming feedback from customers, suggestions from hen party veterans and listening to what you have to say. We don’t stock products that have received negative reviews or are unpopular with our customers. This means you can rest assured that the products on offer are what you are after.

Our hen party expertise doesn’t end there; we also create articles and news items on hen parties and weddings to help you plan your perfect day. Whether you are looking for inspiration on things to do or suggestions of where to go, we can help.

At Pink Hen Party we are well aware of just how stressful planning the perfect hen party can be; you want everyone to enjoy themselves and for everything to go off without a hitch, right? This is where we come in. We like to make sure your hen party is not only stress free but also a safe affair, as well as an enjoyable time for everyone attending.

Have you enjoyed a hen party lately?
Did your hen party go perfectly or did problems arise?

Whatever your story, let us know - we love hearing about others’ hen parties!

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